fatloss with injections.

25 lbs in 40 days

just your fat, not muscle.

Medically Supported, daily via your app.

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Slimwell’s program offers a medically supported fat loss with injections program that targets your fat, not your muscle.

Slimwell protects your healthy muscle focusing on your loss of fat exclusively. That is what is most critical to your long term fat loss success. The number on your scale isn’t what should be important to you. What’s more critical is how much fat loss you’ve achieved versus muscle catabolism which you may experience (without realizing it) on other programs.

slimwell offers a medically supported fat loss with injections program that targets your fat and preserves your muscle. Simply put, it works.

  • ...I've been on this diet for 30 days now and I feel awesome. I have lost 20 pounds. The staff are really nice and my coach went above what was expected of her.

    Mary D.
  • I have lost over 85 pounds on Slimwell. I slowed down a little which is expected, but the 30 pounds in 30 days did happen. The staff has always been super friendly to me also and take a personal interest in seeing people succeed...

    Ryan W.
  • I came across this program at the lowest point in my life, hitting menopause and finding it extremely difficult losing the weight. I was able to lose the weight I wanted to lose all while retaining the muscle mass with no stretch marks and no sagging skin!

    Khatidja M.

5 reasons you’ll love slimwell.


Your entire slimwell program is
shipped right to your door.

Once you’ve signed up for Slimwell Program your complete package is sent right to you! The Slimwell Program is supported from the comfort of your home.


Your SlimCoach is with you
in your pocket, anywhere.

* available during clinic hours.

No need for time consuming
in-clinic visits. we stay in contact daily. Your time is precious.

Your Slim at Home Program is supported via the Slimwell Nudge App. Your SlimCoach is connected to you daily, so you have support in your pocket when you need us.


Our products
are medical grade.

Our injections are medically prescribed, always.

There is a prescription attached to your weight loss program prescribed by our medical team.


Supported by medical
professionals, real-time.

Slimwell is proud to feature Slim Nudge App, our daily coaching app that tracks your weight, streams important caloric content to your coach and connects you with your SlimCoach anytime during clinic hours.

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